lifepo4 battery pack

FPR 48100S
Multi-application LFP Battery Pack

The FPR48100S from 48v lithium ion battery manufacturer FPR is a 3U-height 19-inch integrated 48 volt lithium ion battery pack for phosphate communication.The 48v li ion battery pack's attributes include its compact size, lightweight construction, easy battery management and self-maintenance, user-friendly operation, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. 

The 48 volt lifepo4 battery pack from electric storage battery company is widely used in a variety of industries, including home energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage base stations, indoor and outdoor base stations, and others. Micro base stations, macro base stations, base stations for photovoltaic energy storage, micro grid energy storage, etc. are some examples of these uses. 

Highlights of FPR 48100S 48 Volt Lithium Ion Battery for Sale

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CCS with FCC

The 48 volt lithium ion battery with maximum flexibility inpositioningmating connectorsand higher tolerance in theassembly of the boards.

Real-time management

The 48 volt lithium ion battery pack can manage charge and dischargemore accurately, and monitorbattery operation informationand performance in realtimeand provide timely feedback.

LFP Technology

The 48v lithium ion battery cathode is made of Lithium iron phosphate, which brings better safetyperformance and longer life cycle.

High-performance BMS

The battery cell module pack with advanced SOC algorithms to make capacity calculations more accurate.

Current Limiting Function

The 48v li ion battery pack with current limiting function and automatic wake-up function.

Shorter Backup Time

The 48 volt lithium iron phosphate battery with flexible configuration allowsmultiple modules to be usedin parallel, reducing systembackup time.

Further Informatin on Battery Module Pack FPR 48100S

  • Specification

    Cooling ModeNatural cooling
    IP levelIP20
    Nominal voltage48V
    Over discharge protection voltage40.5V

  • FAQ

    Question Answer
    Why there is no output?

    1. The battery string output cable is not connected;2. the power of this cell pack module was run out.

    Why the charger power indicator is off?

    The charger mains input plug is not inserted correctly.

    Why the battery pack cannot be charged?

    1. The charger output plug is loose. 2. The energy storage battery pack is fully charged.

You can always rely on FPR New Energy for battery energy storage system.

You can always rely on FPR New Energy for battery energy storage system.

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