FPR Energy Storage Systems

FPR New Energy Technology, designs and manufactures the cutting-edge li-ion batteries, packs and systems, with offices and plants across the globe.
As one of the leading battery energy storage system suppliers in China, we proudly present our unparalleled expertise in the design of energy storage containers, a testament to the exceptional prowess of our dedicated research team. We are committed to innovating customized, safe, and sustainable solutions and to driving sustainable practices forward. The synergy between our design ingenuity and the forward-thinking mindset of our research team positions us as one of the leaders in the dynamic landscape of commerical battery storage systems. We consistently deliver solutions that prioritize efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility.

FPR New Energy BESS Solutions

FPR BESS systems excel in various energy storage applications, covering utility, commercial, industrial, portable, and both on-grid and off-grid support. The real-time Energy Management System (EMS) enhances reliability, ensuring precise control. FPR systems, highly adaptable, meet diverse needs in utility, commercial, industrial, and portable applications, such as industrial battery storage systems, commerical battery storage systems and portable battery power stations . Through our innovations, FPR New Energy, one of the professional BESS battery energy storage system manufacturers in China, aims to redefine and improve electricity provision reliability and sustainability across diverse applications.

About FPR New Energy

Founded in 2016, FPR New Energy is one of the prominent battery energy storage system companies. FPR New Energy can provide scalable and customized high-performance Li-Ion energy storage for any applications - from home, commercial and industrial, to utility grid uses. 

The FPR energy storage system stands as an optimal fusion of performance, safety, and enduring reliability. Its success is evident, with an impressive cumulative capacity exceeding 3 gigawatt-hours (3GWh), encompassing operational, under construction, and developmental projects worldwide. The industrial battery storage system's proven track record and a robust project pipeline underscore its position as a leader in the energy storage sector. FPR's commitment to cutting-edge technology, safety standards, and sustainable energy solutions continues to drive its global expansion, shaping a future where reliable, high-performance energy storage is paramount.

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  • Embracing Sustainability

    Prioritizing the development of efficient and energy-saving products to meet the growing demand for sustainable power solutions.
  • Innovating for A Greener Future

    Driving the creation of highly efficient and energy-saving products that are revolutionizing the way we electric storage battery company store and utilize power resources.
  • Meeting Evolving Power Needs

    Dedicated to crafting cutting-edge, energy-efficient products to meet the world's evolving power needs.

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You can always rely on FPR New Energy for battery energy storage system.

You can always rely on FPR New Energy for battery energy storage system.

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