The Green Revolution: International Perspectives on the Energy Transition and Sustainable Development

The energy transition has been an inevitable trend in the recent decade, it refers to the transition from underground to aboveground energy sources. This reveal the truth that there will be less reliance on underground sources such as petroleum and natural gas, and a move towards green and clean energy sources such as wind and hydroelectricity as the main source of energy.

At the international level, the development of the new energy industry is mainly based on two trends, i.e., combating climate change and developing a new energy industry to establish long-term sustainable development. And on this basis, promoting the transformation of the global energy structure and gradually reducing the excessive dependence on underground energy. In order to combat climate change, the development of new energy industries plays a pivotal role. Particularly in this critical phase when the world is actively confronting climate change and investing in sustainable energy development. The investments in green energy evidence this as the investments have increased almost threefold in 2023 compared to 2013. The international climate summit also reached an agreement to achieve the goal of carbon emission by 2050, evidence that the world's leading nations are placing a high priority on this. 

FPR has evolved in line with the rapid growth of the new energy and energy storage industry, and is committed to providing a wide range of solutions and products to address the climate crisis and the energy depletion. The future has to be based on sustainable development, and energy storage will be an important step towards that, establish a fully green world and step into a fully green generation.

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